Let’s walk this path together…

Are you ready to experience more joy, satisfaction and  abundance in your life?

Tailored specifically to help you gain clarity, achieve your goals, and satisfy your needs, wants and desires,  this program offers a no-nonsense, personalized approach to thriving.

I bring nearly two decades of experience in the study and application of personal wellness to bear with this one-on-one, highly individualized program that focuses on how you can identify and better manage what’s important to your outside life while deepening your personal experience of your inner life.

By using a combination of proven techniques and approaches to personal achievement, wellness, and wholehearted living, you will be given the opportunity to develop a creative and self-sustaining program-for-self, focused on personalized tools to help you experience more satisfaction, joy and success in your daily life.

“In every respect, Tim exemplifies transformational opportunity and stands for  honesty, courage and a willingness to move beyond the life that you thought was possible.”

- Lorin K.

Our experience of life is so much more than the stuff we have, the food we eat and the things we do. It’s also about relationship – relationship with Spirit, with the people we love, with the land we live on, with those we care for, with those we answer to, and, most importantly, with ourselves. It’s an unfortunate reality that our relationship with self and Spirit so often suffers at the hands of our relationships with everything else.

During regular meetings, we will assess a variety of areas in your life that can often go overlooked, but have enormous impact on every aspect of your life. This integrative approach to successful thriving will help identify what is working well, what could use some improvement and what change is required to aid you in your deepening relationship with self.

I’ll help you to remember and redefine what’s important to you and create a plan for how to re-realize what’s crucial to your big picture of what wellness can look like for you. Together, we will step into a more empowered sense of balance, health and well-being through personal exploration, coaching, homework and discovery.

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